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discussions about how to terms. and he asked him to president eisenhower, why will you not run for third term? and present answered him that it will be against our constitution. he told, you can change constitution because you are very popular. >> guest: that's a good example of why i refer to him as a dictator. maybe by the standards of stalinist russia, he was not a dictator, or was a benevolent dictator. but by american standards he was certainly a dictator. and there's an illustration in the book of why i say that. would khrushchev was being driven around los angeles, he saw a woman on the street dressed in all black, carrying a sign that said, death to khrushchev, butcher of hungry. and he turned to henry cabot lodge was his tour guide was the american ambassador to the un, he said, what is this woman and what is ursine? and lodge said, well, mr. chairman, she is someone who doesn't agree with your foreign policy. and your father said, well, why would eisenhower invite me here only to have this woman standing here in sultanate? and lodge said, wait a minute, do you really think that eise
outside the country the taking over the steel mills is a domestic activity. >> host: and then eisenhower, and from my days because i was chief counsel for the intelligence committee for the cia and oversight always interest me. eisenhower was the first president to use the cia for covert action. truman only use them for intelligence and my reaction is, my goodness what a way for the executive to control foreign policy, with unfettered by oversight and this was how eisenhower fought communism. the italian elections, fighting the communist power. bringing all kinds of covert action. nobody had oversight in those days of nobody in congress knew what they were doing and they just did it. >> guest: i think it is because they thought this was the president's commander-in-chief power working again. a little thing about eisenhower is also his command of the executive branch meant that he sometimes prevented united states from being like. one of the amazing things i've found doing research with the cabinet and the joint chiefs and the vice president richard nixon unanimously agreed at one point t
explosive and the "post" would never publish it. this was after eisenhower had his heart attack. and the story goes that -- i read a description of the cartoon. it showed nixon and eisenhower at the bottom of a long flight of stairs leading to the second inaugural platform and nixon turns to him and says i race you to the top. is that a true story? >> if it is, i don't know it. i never come across that before. and never heard it from tonight and i thought i knew a lot about herb. there was one time -- only once in all of his time at the "washington post" with the freedom he was given -- first by mr. meyer and then by -- then by phil, katherine's husband and then kay and then finally don and right into this period and that was the "post" endorsed eisenhower in '52. and herb was fa-natcally -- he didn't hate eisenhower but he was for stevenson and he drew cartoons and phil graham did not want to run the cartoons and herb said i'll run it out in the syndicate and phil gramm said we need you. come back. if it's true, i didn't know that. >> i would like to know your opinion of tom wh
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strongly. >> i loved the state of the union and thought it was a grand speech like eisenhower saying, okay, on both sides. let us get our act together. >> i liked the state of the union. i actually liked this even better. i liked him going to the republicans and saying, item here, you challenged me, let's talk about it. just because you don't get 100% of what you want doesn't mean you don't have the responsibility to govern. >> the more we learn it takes 60 votes to get something done, the more we learn that the 41% seat holder is cogovernor iing. >> i think that's one of the republicans obama is engaging them the way he is. he's educating people and after supporters of scott brown's chant -- >> they know it. but that you can't blame democrats for not getting something done with f the republicans have the ability to kill something. >> i think the american public is sick of congress, period. >> who do you blame when nobody gets something done? >> i blame all of them. >> how do we, excuse the term, goose them into action? i think the president was trying to embarrass them into acting in the
. this is not like lbj where he's leading the senate democrats to support eisenhower's plans because eisenhower is so popular. there is no incentive for republicans to help obama. and there is, however, an incentive to make it look like they have ideas. that's why i think we'll see, and john boehner has sort of signaled we'll see something akin to the 1994 contract with america. >> here it comes. that's an election document, not a legislative document. let's look at the president here, the tone in washington. let's hear it. and perry, you respond to this. >> we've got to be careful about what we say about each other sometimes, because it boxes us in in ways that makes it difficult for us to work together, because our constituents start believing us. they don't know sometimes this just politics, what you guys -- you know, or folks on my side do sometimes. so just a tone of civility instead of slash and burn would be helpful. >> your thoughts, perry, on that question? is this going to count to anybody but the public outside washington? >> if you remember the exchange, the president a few minutes later
the root one interchange to the eyesen our connect -- eisenhower connector. that means one lane of traffic from 8 north texas p.m. to 5:00 a.m. >>> and deputies are searching for anyone who may have been victimized by a massage therapist. 39-year-old gabor adamavich has been charged with two counts of assault for allegedly touching two female clients inappropriately. the women say the assaults happened at the evian day spa in sterling virginia. police say that adamovich did not have the required license or certification to work in loudon county. certified massage therapists ann shashinge says she faults the business. >> they are there to protect their clients. just very upsetting that somebody can take advantage in this way. >> shshinga says masseuse certifications should be posted inside the spa >>> still to come on 9 news now at noon, the smart phone wars are heating up. today google unveils its newest must have gadget. >>> and find out why the frigid weather we're having isn't so bad when you compare it to other parts of the country. we will be back having a child with diabetes, i'm ne
repairs are happening in alexandria. 495 south near the eisenhower connector will close at 7:30 p.m. every night this week and only one lane will be able to get by between 8:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. >>> an investigation is under way into a morning of school bus accident which left a young boy injured. it happened in chevy chase and a father was dropping his 6-year- old office: a loaded school bus lost its brakes and ran over a curb. the buzz at the cars open door as the boy was getting out, leaving a severe cut on his hand. no one else was injured. >>> virginia state police are investigating a highway shooting on new year's day. two bullets struck a car friday afternoon while traveling on 66 eastbound. two people were in that car. no one was hurt. contact police if you were in that area and you witnessed anything to help them with the investigation. >>> the white house wants to close security gaps in airline travel especially since it was a passenger that stop the alleged bomber that got a u.s. visa while i terror watch list. president barack obama is meeting with 20 top officials to make the
's handling of the bay of pigs remarkable was that he brought in president eisenhower to help him after to council him. obama has not reached out to george w bush. >> isn't this what al-qaeda wants us to do, fight with each other and be critical of each other? >> no, they want us to die >> i think they want us to be terrorized and they want us to be fighting with each other and doing stuff that is against our values. >> what about the change in tone from the administration itself? they said essentially we screwed up. >> if i had one criticism of obama he did cave in and now has to say it is a war. warfare -- would not have stopped this bomber. warfare, bombs and soldiers would not have stopped this guy. what we need now is analysis. we need to connect the dots this is the stuff that obama is actually could be good at and better at than our previous president. >> if he had been in a training facility in yemen that hit by a missile from a drone warfare would have taken care of the problem. >> if he been in apartment where they had blown up the whole block, then you create 2,000 our -- [ t
instintconsistenciesincons. >> these beltway people. >> i think he was charming, grand, eisenhower, above it all. >> he took potshots at bush but then said let's not relitigate. >> look, people do know things were a mess when he came into office. and, you know, he isn't going to do everything in a year. they have felt that he was losing touch which he was. he himself admitted he has to go out and communicate again what's really going on. this was a speech, you know the line about we campaign in poetry and govern in prose. he had to mix both last night. >> did you hear poetry? i didn't hear poetry. >> there was poetry in there because he had to inspire people for the figh
and 17 years old. the eisenhowers have been so long, they even have the same thoughts now. >> doesn't surprise me after all those years. >>> up next, the stories we'll be following today. including the president taking his post-state of the union message on the road. >>> and new information about the nation's obesity epidemic and the challenges it presents. i was active, eating healthy. i thought i was ingreat shape. so i was surprised when my doctor told me i still had high cholesterol. that really hit me, and got me thinking abut my health. i knew i had to get my cholesterol under control. but exercise and eating healthy weren't enough for me. now i trust my heart to lipitor. (announcer) whn diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39 to 60%. lipitor is backed by over 7 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are .nursing, pregnant or may become regnant. you need simple blood tests tocheck for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are .taking other medications or if you hav
than any other president since eisenhower. government spending as a percentage of gdp shrank during his eight years as president. >> many people believe that he brought down the soviet union with rhetoric and military expenditure. they think he cornered the soviet union and it collapsed. that is part of it, but there was of fatigue in the soviet union. >> i think the evidence is pretty overwhelming that he did speeded up. -- that he did speed it up. the nobel prize committee gave the nobel prize to gorbachev but not to ronald reagan. i thin that is one of the travesties of the nobel committee. 13 of facts that is. the idea that they worked together to end the cold war. -- there are two facts that contradict the idea that they work together to end the cold war. >> that have not been very many democratic leaders that have given up power, in my knowledge. >> the soviets gained ground against every american president from 1917 up until 1981. >> you clearly found an enormous amount. the going to become the martin gilbert -- are you going to become the martin gilbert of ronald reagan? martin
-- presentation by arleigh burke who served during the eisenhower administration. >> people frequently say do you miss being at dod? no, i don't miss them except for one thing. i missed the ceremonies because they are a big part of reminding you what your life is about. today is a chance for us to have a ceremony. it is a bigger day. [unintelligible] where we commissioned the 10th fleet, so this a historic day, and we will celebrate a great man that made the navy still great. and made csis for it. this is the annual -- made c sis great. david decided he would like to use this as an opportunity to talk about arleigh burke. jim is great to have the and we are delighted to have you here. [applause] >> i have not seen him yet but i know that secretary of the navy will be a riveting. -- will be of 19. -- will be arriving. my friend alan wanted to come for that event. i am glad he can join us. we will have a wonderful and afternoon. david asked and i am happy that this is the case thepam the case, -- the case, pam will get a history. why don't you come up to join us? [applause] < thank you and good aft
of the eisenhower administration. when ronald castro kidnapped and held hostage for a little more than a month 24 u.s. servicemen, including 11 berean's who were returning to the base from liberty in guantanamo city. now, raul castro justified his kidnapping on the basis that the united states had allowed guantanamo to be used for refueling purposes by his military, military aircraft and for also transferring arms to the forces, after the eisenhower administration had placed an embargo on all weapons sales to cuban believes. as relations between washington and cuba deteriorated, following the installation of the revolutionary government, which of course talk about on january 1, 1959, guantanamo was viewed by both washington and havana with concern. castro believed that a u.s. invasion might begin at guantanamo. at various times, particularly during the cuban missile crisis, washington feared that the cubans with soviet encouragement and possible assistance might attack the base. there was also concern that if the united states ever decided to leave guantanamo, that it might become a soviet naval fa
to pay their fair share like they did under you're heroes reagan and eisenhower. we're how much higher? >> you said tax cuts, you mean tax increases, right? >> tax increases, right. i'm talking about the top 1% paying their fair share. i'm saying, larry, under their conservative heroes, reagan and eisenhower, the tax raises were much higher. i've had it up to here with the bipartisanship. we've gotten nothing from the republicans. i agree with you, i think he keeps trying, and i think to have significant deficit reduction which i think we need, you're going to have to have the rich pay their fair share. >> do you think the president is going rightward, ben? >> i think he's going rightward after the election in massachusetts, but i'm sorry to say i agree with your friend robert wright. we are still in a very serious recession. it needs all the stimulus it can get. >> larry: why is one senator in massachusetts causing all this upheaval? >> i don't know, i'm from massachusetts and i was there when they voted to govern instead of nixon, and i think it's an absolutely in describable health
. the rich are going to have to pay their fair share like they did with heroes reagan and eisenhower. >> larry: you mean tax increases? stephanie, you said tax cuts but you mean increases right? >> increases, right. you understand their conservative heroes reagan and eisenhower the tax rates were much higher. i've had it up to here with the bipartisanship. i think we've gotten nothing from republicans. i agree with you. i think he keeps trying, and you know, i think to have a significant deficit reduction, which i think we need, you're going to have to have the rich pay their fair share. >> larry: do you think the ben is going rightward? >> right after the election in massachusetts, but i agree with your friend and mine, robert reich. we're in a serious recession. i think any gesture towards cutting off stimulus is a danger. >> larry: penn, why is the election of one senator in massachusetts causing all up this upheaval. >> i don't know. i'm from massachusetts. i think here they're maybe seeing that putting through an absolutely insubscridescribable care thing is not a good idea. i t
of the beltway between route one and the eisenhower connector. sarah simmons joins us with more on what you can expect. might it involve headache? major headaches? >> major headaches. >> reporter: that is right. if you look behind me, probably think what are you talking about. the traffic is moving just fine. it is. they are doing this work starting at night and into the ovrnight hours and opening back up in the morning hours about 5: a.m. that is when they are opening roadways. just for give you an idea where it is they'll be working over the next week, it is the two lanes of the inner loop between the eisenhower connector and the route one interchange. they closed two of the lanes starting last night. each nighter in going to do that. two lanes will close at 7:30 at night and they will be down to one lane until the early mornings on hours. those are out here patching the potholes are ask people to be patient utah problem becomes highenned after you get a snow or rain in the winter and all the water tends to seep down into the cracks in are in the roadway surface. it will be an inconvenience f
an amizing rescue at sea, the coast guard geag special assist from an aircraft carrier, the u.s.s. eisenhower in rescuing a sailor in dire straits, it happened in the dark with cold winds, sleet and snow, nearly 300 miles off the coast of north carolina. joining us now the serviceman who made the difference between life and death. we'll start with lieutenant commander mark driver, he's the pilot of the coast guard's c-130 rescue plane that dropped life rafts and later we will speak with the naval air crewmen who dove in and plucked the officer to safety, kyle mane, we'll be speaking to him in a moment. but first to mark, the coast guard originally planned to send its own chopper to rescue the man and the coast guard at first contacted the aircraft carrier to ask for a refuel of the coast guard chopper but it was determined that time was of the essence and that the eisenhower should send its own chopper instead since it was closer. how dire was the situation? >> the situation was very dire. we knew we were in for some rough weather when we took off from the station to the city, however, as we
create some delays for drivers. two lanes of the beltway's inner loop between route 1 and eisenhower connector will be closed at 7:30 every night this week. all three lanes are expected to re-open every day by 5:00 a.m. >>> at least one corporation is standing by tiger woods. electronic arts incorporated plans to go ahead with the release of an online game featuring the golfer. they said woods is still one of the greatest golfers in history. this new photo is coming to a newsstand near you. woods can be seen on the cover of the new "vanity fair." the picture was taken before the scandal was broke and just now being released. >>> we have a school closing in alexandria. bishop ironton high school was closed because of broken water pipes. udents should check in with the school website for updates. earleb. wood will be reopened today. there was a heating system that stopped working, but classes will resume today. >>> just about 5:21. time for traffic and weather on the 1s. >>> let's go to meteorologist tom kierein in storm center 4. >> another cold january morning under way. temperatures
. this is not like lbj where he's leading the senate democrats to support eisenhower's plans. there is no incentive for republicans to help obama. and there is, however, an incentive to make it look like they have ideas. that's why i think we'll see, and john boehner has sort of signaled we'll see something akin to the 1994 contract with america. >> here it comes. that's an election document, not a legislative document. here's the tone in washington. let's hear it. and perry, you respond to this. >> we've got to be careful about what we say about each other sometimes, because it boxes us in in ways that makes it difficult for us to work together, because our constituents start believing us. they don't know sometimes this just politics, what you guys -- you know, or folks on my side do sometimes. so just a tone of civility instead of slash and burn would be helpful. >> your thoughts, perry, on that question? is this going to count to anybody but the public outside washington? >> if you remember the exchange, the president a few minutes later talked about the fact that republicans have so demonized h
eisenhower are celebrating their 81st wedding anniversary. they met over 90 years ago. they tied the knot on january 26th, 1929 when they were just 16 and 17 years old. the eisenhowers say they can't even remember a time when they weren't together. >> lucky him. vern still works -- >> i'm picking up on your sarcasm sarcasm. >> vern still works as a rancher. they spend a lot of time with family. her name is verbal. do you think that she has been verbal over the course of the past few decades? >> why can't you just appreciate their love? >> i'm just saying. >> sometimes i think can read your thoughts. >> yeah? >> even though there ain't no love here. >> and they're not repeatable on network television. we'll be right back with more "world news now." uned for this important medire benefit information and free scooter guarantee. imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your mobility and your life. / one medicare benefit that, with private insurance / may entitle you to pay little to nothing to own it. one company that can make it all happen ... great news. / you
the eisenhower connector and the route one interchange. what they are doing throughout the week, which they started last night, they closed down those lanes. those open again by 5:00 a.m. each night, the two lanes will be closed starting at 7:30 and traffic will be down to one lane so it is kind of during the night when you will notice those delays if you are out here. they are encouraging ople to find an alternative route. those who are out here filling those potholes, they are asking people to be patient. >> the problem becomes heightened really after you get a snow or rain during the winter and all the water tends to seep down into these cracks that are in the roadway surface. it will be an inconvenience to the public but awe lot less inconvenient than flat tires. >> reporter: if your travels do take you here on the beltway between route one, the route one interchange and eisenhower connector, if you are traveling at night, they do encourage people to find an alternate route if they can. they are going to be working on filling these potholes for the next week but it depends, it coul
to consider a detour if you take the inner loop of the beltway between route one and the eisenhower connector. clues will close those lanes fightly this week at 7:30 so you can expect delays because only one lane will be open. by 5:00, the next morn, all three lanes will reopen. drivers we talked to say it is fine by them as long long -- as long as it means no more bumpy commutes. >> it comes with the territory. the further north you go, the worse they are. >> people hit poll pott holes. you break your whole car up. insurance doesn't cover it. nobody covers it. it's horrible. >> work crews admit closing the lane on the beltway will be an inconvenience but say that is a lot less inconvenient than flat fires. >>> v-d.o.t. introduced another round of cuts. nearly 700 workers are being laid off and 15 residency offices closed. works are can elect to be put into a program. the transportation agency eliminated some 450 positions back in june. >>> they made headlines nationwide but we are now learning the salahis may not have been the only party crashers at the first state dinner. >>> hair one for
interchange and the eisenhower character. each night between 7:30 p.m. and 5:00 the next morning, they will be shutting down to of the three planes for emergency pothole repair. it is a problem that is pretty much everywhere. it has been onheck of the winter already. >> i had to get my tires replaced. >> it is terrible. >> i tried to avoid them but sometimes you have to hit them and hope your car holds up. >> if the early snow and freezing mean potholes' are spending up much earlier than normal. so too are the repair crews. this team attacked several bottles by the key bridge. >> a long time mechanic in bethesda showed us just how much damage they can do. >> at the very least, it will spend the will or punctured the tires. the most severe, they can bend the frame. >> they can be expensive? >> yes. >> that is what you should watch out for them and avoid them if possible. jurisdictions have crews out in force. they patched up were needed as quickly as possible. vdot promises to fix the especially dangerous interstate nt within 24 hours of being reported. there are phone numbers and
of the inner loop from the route 1 interchange to the eisenhower connector. and that means just one lane of traffic will be open from 8:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. now here is peggy fox. >>> i'm peggy fox with moms like me .com. and here is a new years resolution you can make and keep with your children. make the world a greener place. with me now is anna sneed, the events coordinator of family magazine and she has some great earth smart craft ideas. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having us. >> we have bird feeders and we like to keep the birds and a lot of birds winter here and we see the cardinals and what not and we will make bird feeders. tell us how we do it? >> absolutely. two variations of a homemade bird feeder and the first one is more complex aimed for the older kids at home that might have a little more patience. and it is all made out of recycled materials which is great. a very green, if you will. this is what you need, a recycled milk carton or individual sized orange juice carten. >> they can bring it home from school. >> absolutely. and scissors and glue and a whole
will start on the inner loop. we are seeing improvements. delays from route 210 to the eisenhower connector. that's due toe pot hole repair at telegraph road. switching to 66 a ten-minute ride from have yen that metro to 66. staying in virginia actually. southbound 95, delays from back lick road to newington and route 1 woodbridge to route 123. let's look at the inner loop. this is in maryland. we have an accident approaching the i-270 spur blocking the left lane. you are in delays approaching the american legion bridge to that accident scene. >> thank you. >>> the centers for disease control does not want you to forget about h1n1. it says the virus is still very active and it is encouraging all of us to get vaccinated. this week the cdc began national influenza vaccine week to encourage people to get the vaccine. so far an estimated 60 million american advance vaccinated. 136million doses are still available for states to receive. >>> it is bad enough you had to shovel out the car and turn up the heat on full blast to get through winner. so why add to your misery by not protecting your pip
george patton and douglas macarthur, as well as presidents grant and eisenhower. students who attend west point are called cadets, and they pay no tuition. following graduation, they become officers in the army and are required to serve for a minimum of five years. >> my dad and grandfather went to west point, so i came to try it out. >> i've wanted to come here ever since i was in eight grade. every male in my family has served in the military before i wanted to continue the tradition, and so this is the first step in getting into the academy, and so i just took it. >> ready? dodge ball. >> we have a lot of opportunities to have fun. we also have a lot of opportunities to find out about the army, find out about what its like to be a cadet here. >> you get to see them enjoy themselves and learn more about themselves. as you go through things like military day, you get to see them overcome some things that they might not have thought that they could do. >> we're also very pleased that of the students that attend the summer leader seminar about half will receive an offer to west point or to
long on the inner loop near the eisenhower connector to repair some of the potholes and they are caused by this snow, the inclement weather causing potholes to pop up everywhere. the arctic air is chilling you to the bone. >> it is called. >> that cold weather means for a bumpy winter rye. >> it is cold. >> you hope th suspension holds up on your car. >> deep freeze/thaw is causing potholes to show up everywhere, even major interstates. crews are out on pothole patrol, causing traffic delays. they are also keeping mechanics busy. >> at the least, ty can bend the wheel, a punctured the tires. most severe, they will bend e frame. >> is it expensive? >> yes. >> crews will be working the outer loop from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. all week long. you might need to find an alternate route. vdot is promising to repair potholes that are reported within 24 hours. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> 6:17. we all just cringe when we hear people drive over those potholes. >> but nothing to agree just reported as far as potholes are concerned. we will give you the travel times this mornin
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to the west. even the eisenhower doctrine all founded on opposition to military intervention when the president and lebanon called for american intervention in the 1950 e. -- and 158 lebanese war the americans responded by sending in the marines. carefree arab nationalist fear. the only reason it went off so smoothly was because american troops only stayed three months and never fired a shot in anger. but not so much the next time landing in the aftermath of 1982. within one year of returning to lebanon october 198-3241 u.s. servicemen along with 80 or 90 french servicemen were killed when suicide bombers drove trucks with explosives into the compound at which they were house. within four months of the october -- october bombing reagan withdrew the troops and the policy was left in tatters. when america returned he would be in the strategic oil producing regions of the persian gulf from the iran-iraq war of that range from 19831888 to ensure the saudi and kuwaiti oil to the world markets. the iraq invasion of kuwait in 1980 provoked -- promoted the greatest military buildup in the
's a central banking system. as i mentioned. there's an eisenhower air road building program. the road is now complete to kabul to kandahar and jalalabad to kabul. that's about 60% of the way done. a lot of women are fighting for land ownership. there's 8 and a half million kids in school the goal is 13 million. if you put this all together. you know, we're about 60% of the way there where the people feel they can run on their own and it's, and so i think that has all happened during six years we were off in iraq. we went into afghanistan very vigorously to try to one was find osama and defeat the taliban al-qaeda. but we also went there to help the people out. but then unfortunately in a year and a half we ran off to iraq. the media. the military. the humanitarian groups and for six years afghanistan and pakistan were kind of left on the back burner and now to me it's very exciting to see that finally the country that we first went in to help and where we were trying to fight the taliban now it is taking again a priority. i don't know where i'm headed. >> i like it. keep going. you're always
was wrong and later eisenhower moved to what dirk wanted. he was banging his hands on the table and the president saved him. it was just an amazing personality, german lessons. with his record of defense, the figured he had them tied. he was shocked when president dwight tauzin hauer were announced he would be chief of naval operations in 1955. he did. [laughter] this is not a good idea at all. there were 92 active flight duty officers senior to him. it was going to cause bad feelings and make his job impossible. furthermore, he had -- did they think he was a path he? he had a bad habit of speaking his mind and he was not going to change. objection to overrule he kept saying over and over in 1965. my gosh, how did you do with? [inaudible] the hard way. they added press attention and with this war expert -- exploits written up again you know on the many times, "time" magazine covered burke more than never. he was a true national celebrity and hero. as the 15th cnn, burke immediately set about doing cockade individual initiative and responsibility to ranks, take the initiative, th
russell may that pops up is the former roommate of david eisenhower and you were in his wedding? >> and he was in mind. we wound up, accident, as roommates because we got sent off to the academy as a freshman when we were 13 years old. it was a lot of the draw. there was no reason i was his roommate. he was pennsylvania and i was from iowa. we got along together and bring it together for four years. we kept in touch. he came out and campaigned for me when i ran for congress. i ran in the primary for governor, and we keep in touch. he is actually the got father to my oldest child. we drifted apart. when you know somebody that long, maintaining constant contact is not critical to the relationship. >> what impact did the academy have on your life? where is it? >> the academy is one of the oldest, a private boarding schools in the united states. i got sent there because my two brothers and my father went there. but, the most important thing for me was that is where i'd learned how to learn. that was probably the best education i ever had. there were never any more than 12 or 15 kids sitting ar
like the u.s.s. "eisenhower" during an earlier political crisis when an invasion was called off at the last minute. an amphibious task force with 2,200 marines on board will get there about two days later and 3,500 paratroopers are on alert at fort bragg, north carolina, available to prevent looting and control crowds. the first of them could be on the ground as early as tomorrow. >> smith: if you are trying to locate a family member in haiti or if you'd like to know how you can help the people there, we have the information on our web site. all you need to do is go to and click on "how you can help." coming up next on the "cbs evening news," an american buried alive in the rubble of her home in haiti makes a desperate call for help. rogaine? i'm just a skeptic so i don't necessarily believe that anything is going to work but i was like, hey, this actually works. (announcer) only rogaine foam is shown to regrow hair in 85% of guys. i'll check it out and i'm like, nice. (announcer) rogain foam. stop losing. start gaining. (announcer) rogain foam. how were the holidays
. >> verbal and vern eisenhower are 97 and 98 respectively. they have 35 children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren. >>>. >> you can find out if we have more winter or spring by texting grand hog to 427365 until february 2. he'll e-mail you the forecast. . >>> punks. >>> no e-mail from wyatt, he's right here. >> it's not even groundhog day yet. i was out in pennsylvania last year and covered this thing live, but this year, is he going to send out a tweet? >> that will be next year, the tweet. >> he saw his shadow, i don't know. he always sees his shadow. he would be right this weekend, winter we're going to feel it. tomorrow a decent day and then it heads south. less snow for saturday for the moment. at bwi, 27 degrees, light west breeze. temperatures falling rapidly. i had to adjust our overnight low temperature downward because of how rapidly things are cooling down. a nice day across baltimore. blue sky, had a couple of fair weather skies. down to washington, where the preparations are being made for the state of the union address you saw here on abc2
. they got to eisenhower and eisenhower understood that they were trying to do. just in time he signed off on september 13th and had his heart attack ten days later. >> how long have you been researching this book waxed >> i worked on the book for 14 years altogether with ten intensive years. i did 52 interviews with schriever and interviewed another 120 people. everybody who was alive that worked with them, chasing the grim reaper because these people were older men and i had to catch them before the grim reaper day. they all cooperated with me. schriever told everyone he worked with talk to this man and tell them the truth. he gave me all of his papers in his diary which were extremely valuable. this is not -- this book is read not as an academic history. it's written as a fast-paced narrative and novelistic form because i believe in re-creating history for the reader. bringing the reader into history. and that's what i do here. >> fifteen years of research is a long time. did your views on the cold war change at any point during that time? >> i realize, guests, as we all think of the co
.s.s. eisenhower was sailing out of virginia on the way to the indian ocean from virginia when it heard a sailor's distress call to the coast guard. its skipper said he had been taking on water for three days due to storms, but the -- but despite the dark wind, snow and sleet, a rescue chopper from the eisenhower plucked him in the atlantic, an aircraft tanker taking part in a boat rescue, very unusual but they said they needed someone there superquick. gregg: the hunt is finally over for a fug tiff accused of murdering four family murders on thanksgiving day, 35-year-old pawr marriage was captured in the florida keys thanks to a tip from "america's most wanted". he's being held now without any bond and police say marriage shot to death his 76-year-old aunt, a six-year-old cousin and his twin sisters, one of whom was expecting a baby. another relative also shot but he managed to survive that vicious attack. we go live to miami for details. phil, it appears the murder suspect was doing everything he could not to be seen. >> certainly was, gregg. right now he's in the palm beach county jail's ment
they started keeping track of these things during eisenhower. healthcare is on the brink after massachusetts was lost to a republican. half of those who voted for brown said they did so as a vote against healthcare. everything else was single digits. clear repudiation of the president and he knows it and everybody around him knows it. that's why he has called for marines. yes, his trusty campaign team to save the day. one of the guys who has the worst names in america, i mean, hey, barry changed his name. plouffe. might want to think about changing it. he's been re-enlisted. yes, dr. plouffe here, ran obama's presidential campaign and then tried to capitalizen it writing a book called "the audacity to win." let's not going anointing this guy the next karl rove. being a campaign manager for barack obama in twilight was like coaching lebron james into a victory in a one-on-one game against a 4-year-old with no arms. just saying. it doesn't take a genius to get that one done. here is what plouffe said. "instead of fearing what might happen, let's prove than we have more than just brains to gove
the holes on the inner loop of the beltway. expect delays after 7:30 between route 1 and the eisenhower connector. >>> a traffic alert for drivers in montgomery county. they have significantly shifted traffic parents at rockville pike and randolph road. you may not be able to turn this some places where you could before. pay close attention next time you are in the area and follow the detour signs. the $47 million project should be complete in the fall. >>> first it was the salahis, now this. allegations that someone else crashed the president's birs state -- first state dinner. >> catalytic converters are being cut from underneath cars at metro parking lots. stay with us, that story is coming up. if you have high blood pressure, like me, and get a cold... need a cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hpb has a heart, right here. it's the only cold and flu brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hpb. powerful cold medicine with a heart. >>> south carolina first lady jennifer sanford's memoire is due out next month. staying true will go on sale february 5th. in t
. november 2006, two more workers killed at eisenhower avenue. june 2009 a driver was one of the nine killed in a train clig. august 2009, a worker killed at dunn loring september 2009, a worker killed at braddock road and then tuesday morning, 68- year-old sung oh and 48-year- old jeff garrard were mowed down by a main truck on the tracks. >> our hearts go out to the families of the individuals who passed. it is a sad day for all of us. >> reporter: the lead investigator said they are focusing on the communication between the two crews on tuesday morning. >> the communication between the operations control center and all of the employees involved is one of the critical elements we will be including in our investigation. so that is something we will be pursuing. >> reporter: so the investigation continues but one thing is for certain. in the past five years metro has become the most deadly transit system for workers in the entire country. live in rockville, kristin fisher, 9 news now and >>> now the latest from haiti, the relief efforts are coming but struggling. there is a seven-
. truman did. eisenhower did. >> neil: so does is this ash>as ash -- >> during vietnam war. >> neil: there is precedence. >> why would you want to give terrorists more rights than you have to give them? military tribunals are fair and just. we give them more justice than they gave any of the innocent victims who they killed for horrible reasons. >> neil: so there is -- >> who the heck is going to be impressed with a trial in a civilian court that is going to become a circus that the president of the united states and the attorney general announced the results of. >> neil: yeah. >> let's say we try them in civilian court and convict them. if they're trying to impress these terrorist, the terrorists are just going to say that was a foregone conclusion. this makes no sense. it's not necessary. scott brown was absolutely right when he said we shouldn't be spending money on terrorists' lawyers, we should spend money on catching terrorists. the reality is give them exactly what they're entitled to. nothing more. that's where the american people are. i think the president is going to get t
years. [ applause ] >> yeah, here we go. vern andverble eisenhower are celebrating their 81 anniversary. >> the couple met more than 90 years ago join growing up on adjoining farms. they were married in 1929. they say the secret to their companionship is having fun together and enjoying time with family. >> i can do that. we can do that. >> that gives us all hope. >> that is amazing. >> and they're still smiling. >> and they seem to enjoy each other's company. >> that is the cre. are you friends? >> that's right. that's absolutely right. good for them. >> but 80 years, that's a long time. >> apparentlthings got better after the 75th year. >> they had a rough period from 60 to 75 and then it was good. >> don't make jokes. we only hope we can make it there. >> well like tucker said, i would like to live that long. >> amazing. >>> listen, guys, if you're going to be out with a walk with were bee -- with your beloved today, it will be nice. but colder air moving it tonight. that's the real theme around here. but for the next couple hours, it will be nice. 39 at reagan national. 39 in leona
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